EXAA Energy Exchange Austria organizes exchange trading for electricity products for the Vienna Stock Exchange in its function as a general commodity exchange. EXAA is Austria's leading day-ahead electricity marketplace for the delivery areas (AT) and Germany (DE) and features a strong international customer base. With two day-ahead auctions per day – classic auction at 10:15 and market coupling auction at 12.00 noon – EXAA offers trading members a comprehensive, innovative and cross-border product portfolio. EXAA's morning auction at 10.15 – which is unique in Europe – makes EXAA's prices an important initial signal for trading, also on a quarter-hour basis, for the European electricity market. 

For further information on EXAA Energy Exchange Austria, see EXAA website.

As of 1 January 2022, the following EXAA electricity market data will be available in real-time quality or end-of-day quality, with the end-of-day data being published two hours after the last EXAA auction of the current day.

  • EXAA 10:15 Auction including EXAA Green Power 
    This product includes traded prices and volumes from the EXAA 10:15 auction for the Austrian and German electricity markets for block products, hourly products and quarter-hour products, as well as
    • Volumes from the post-trading auction for hourly and block products
    • Buy and sell trading volumes for quarter-hour products as well as the total volume of quarter-hour trading
    • Prices and traded volumes from the location spreads for block products
    • History of prices and volumes for the current year (DS history file)
  • EXAA 12:00 MC Auction
    The product includes the market clearing prices determined in the 12.00 noon market coupling auction as well as the traded buy and sell volumes on EXAA for the Austrian and German price zone for block products and hourly products.
  • EXAA All Auctions Full Package
    The package includes data from the EXAA 10:15 auction and from the EXAA 12:00 noon MC Auction as well as the aggregated curves of these two auction types

A detailed product description and the respective times broken down by data quality at which the data products are available can be viewed here (xlsx-file 20 KB). 

A subscription to EXAA market data requires a Market Data Agreement (pdf-file 685 KB) with the Vienna Stock Exchange. 

Market Data Sales

On trading days between 8:00 and 18:00 hrs.

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