ADH Data Feed via Leased Lines

The ADH data feed was created to offer our customers the enormous advantage of being able to subscribe to market data from many different markets in the CEE region – all Xetra® markets, further markets from the CEE region and energy markets, for an overview, see market data services factsheet (pdf-file 430 KB) – through a single connection. The technology is based on the TARGINTM market data dissemination system and the protocol TIP used widely in the industry and also features comprehensive data.

Connectivity to the ADH is established via a pair of leased lines (primary and back-up), each with a bandwidth of either 4 Mbit/s (standard bandwidth for ADH only) or 10 Mbit/s (standard bandwidth for ADH and rapidADH over one line) per line. The data lines are made available, managed and supervised by the Vienna Stock Exchange.

For further information on all connectivity options and prices, see the Connectivity Form Leased Line (pdf-file 46 KB). If you would like to order a line, please fill out the form and send it duly signed to mds(a)

ADH via Internet

In addition to the ADH data feed via leased lines, the Vienna Stock Exchange offers regional data vendors ADH via Internet through VPN (S2S, IP-SEC). ADH via Internet gives access only to specific exchanges and to selected data content at a reduced but guaranteed bandwidth (256 Kbit/s).

For further information and prices, please see Connectivity Form S2S VPN ADH (pdf-file 27 KB). If you would like to order a connection, please fill out the form and send it duly signed to

ADH Simple TIP Client

As an additional service for ADH customers, we offer the Simple TIP Client. This basic software can be used to build an ADH feed handler (further development/embedding required at the customer) and features basic functions such as decoding to ASCII and session handling. The Simple TIP Client may be downloaded from our closed user group for data vendors.

Details about Data Feed Services



Market Data Feeds

On trading days between 8:00 and 18:00 hrs.

+43 1 531 65-288


Note – CUG

All technical specifications are available for downloading in our closed user group for data vendors.

Closed user group for data vendors