Herr Dr. Christoph Boschan, WIENER BÖRSE AG
05/24/2019, 11:43:23
Vienna Stock Exchange: Successful year 2018 - CEO Boschan:

Mr. Dr. Christoph Boschan (CEO) interviewed by Sebastian Leben B.A.

We talked with Christoph Boschan, CEO of the Vienna Stock exchange at the Vienna Stock Exchange Award 2019: "I invite any investor, to have a look at our winners". 2018 has been a succsessful year for Vienna Stock Exchange, especially in the international segment. "We still consider this as a starting point. We recently saw a new record in this segment". In January 2019 the new segment direct market plus started with IPOs: "Two out of four IPOs in the German speaking world took place on the Vienna Stock Exchange."


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