Stock Exchange Radio: Bull & Bear on Air
Herr Dr. Christoph Boschan, WIENER BÖRSE AG
06/19/2018, 11:10:00

Boschans stock exchange balance sheet - 2017, next goals 2018, Joint-Venture Limeyard, third market is coming?

Mr. Dr. Christoph Boschan (CEO) interviewed by Peter Heinrich

Halftime in 2018, time to draw a conclusion with the head of the Vienna Stock Exchange. What has been achieved? Is the stock market on the way to where? In 2017, the Vienna Stock Exchange achieved a 10% increase in operating profit with 28 million euros. The Austrian legislator also announced the restoration of Austrian companies in the Third Market by the end of 2018. What is the difference between "direct market and direct market plus"? The annual conference of the European stock exchange meets in Vienna in2018. What is the joint venture with FinTech Limeyard from Switzerland about?