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01/22/2019Traffic results 2017 incl. forecast 2019
02/12/2019Traffic results January 2019
02/26/2019Preliminary results 2018
03/12/2019Traffic results February 2019
04/10/2019Traffic results March 2019
04/12/2019Annual report 2018 (the latest on April 12)
04/23/2019Record date "Annual General Meeting"
05/03/201931st Annual General Meeting
05/07/2019Ex-dividend date
05/08/2019Record date "dividends"
05/09/2019Dividend payment date
05/21/20191st quarter 2019, traffic results April 2019
06/13/2019Traffic results May 2019
07/10/2019Traffic results June 2019
08/20/2019Half-yearly financial results, traffic results July 2019
09/10/2019Traffic results August 2019
10/10/2019Traffic results September 2019
11/14/20191st - 3rd quarter 2019, traffic results October 2019
12/11/2019Traffic results November 2019

Source: provided by the company
Record date "Dividends": Date on which settled positions are struck in the books of the Issuer`s CSD at close of business to determine the entitlement to dividends. Origination of entitlement is still linked to the Ex-dividend date.
Record date "Annual General Meeting": Date for participation to Annual General Meeting.

       Source: provided by the Company

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