RENNER WILDNER BAUER Attorneys-at-Law ("RWB") is a partnership of independent attorneys at law with the focus on company law and capital markets. The founding partners have a long-standing expertise in these areas. In particular Dr. Wolfgang Renner has advised during his legal work in Germany many companies throughout (pre-)IPO-financings, and has – as one of few legal advisers in Austria – the full know-how portfolio in the area of venture capital law. Moreover, Dr. Renner is co-author of the standard commentary on German takeover law (WpÜG) as well as the author of numerous capital markets publications. Also Dr. Monika Wildner has an established (international) experience, also inhouse with listed companies, advising on finance- and M&A-transactions on a regular basis.

The reputable experience in large and international law firms in the USA, in Germany and in Austria results in a consequent specialization of RWB and outstanding competence in advising clients. Our particular strength lies in assisting our clients individually and in person, which proves prompt responses times and efficiency, as well as personal engagement in your legal affairs.

Outside Austria, RWB have reputable cooperation partners in all relevant jurisdictions. RWB are in the favorable position to choose their cooperation partners and to work with the best lawyers in each jurisdiction and specific areas of law.

Criteria for financing

Not subject to review by legal adviser

Volume of financing

No minimum limit

Scope of services

Legal advice with an experienced eye on the economic aspects of the transaction. In particular:

  • Legal advice before the IPO (pro-IPO financing, transformation and restructurings, employee stock option plans, negotiations between company and banks / syndicate partners).
  • Full fledge advice of companies, stockholders and bank during the IPOand Secondary Offerings, including the draft of any type of prospectus.
  • Draft of legal memoranda and legal opinions in the areas of corporate and capital market law.
  • Takeover of trustee relationships.
  • Takeover of corporate functions (Supervisory Board, Advisory Board etc.) in issuers and venture capital companies.


Vienna, Austria


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1010 Vienna
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Contact persons

Dr. Wolfgang Renner
T +43 1 5233833
F +43 1 5233820

Dr. Monika Wildner
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