We are legal specialists in the areas of corporate financing, banking and capital markets. In such capacity we are advising corporates, issuers and financial institutions regarding all aspects of debt/equity financing, banking and securities regulation, corporate and securities compliance, prospectus requirements and product documentation as well as stock exchange law.

Scope of services

We are advising issuers and service providers regarding all aspects of the issuance transaction such as, inter alia, legal structuring and planning (capital measure, distribution), internal documentation and training sessions (internal governance, compliance), carrying out a legal due diligence and the implementation phase (listing document, subscription and settlement documentation, company law documentation, Austrian companies' register) as well as representation before authorities (FMA, Stock Exchange).


Vienna, Austria


Schulerstrasse 7
1010 Vienna


Contact person

Uwe Rautner LL.M.
Managing Partner
T +43 1 361 1361-11