FAME Investments AG is an independent asset management and financial advisory company with a focus on clients' needs. We offer tailored investment solutions for globally acting entities such as banks, trusts, corporations, and private investors. Based on our core values – client centric approach, precision, transparency and independence – we strive to generate a risk-adjusted return. Our highly qualified, multilingual team, with more than 30 years of experience delivers the best fitting investment possibilities for the client.

Criteria for financing

Regional focus on Central and Eastern Europe, no industry constraints, minimum revenue of about € 50 Mio. as benchmark advisable, coherent business-case

Financing volume

€ 5 Mio. for optimal fee coverage recommended

Scope of services

Capital market coach:

FAME Investments AG provides support for stock and bond issuers; Thorough analysis of the current environment, evaluation of alternative funding sources, guidance through the process of public listing or bond issue, from the first step until the follow-up duties for at least one year, comprehensive partner network at home and abroad.

Financial advisory/Asset management:

Providing investment possibilities based on the client´s requirements: learning about the client's investment ideas, risk analytics, selection of asset classes, security research, portfolio composition and monitoring.


Vienna, Austria  


Julius-Raab-Platz 4/Top 1, 
1010 Vienna


Contact person

Manuel Schuster, IMC
T +43 1 53707491