aescuvest is the first pan-European platform with a special focus on the socially highly relevant and sustainably growing healthcare market. With this vertical approach in an innovative and economically important industry, aescuvest has started in Germany in 2015 and convinced well-known partners to expand the concept of a fully digital venture capital platform on a European and cross-border basis, which was started in 2018. Via the platform aescuvest provides early stage and high-growth companies with a unique access to investors (private, professional & institutional), future users and multipliers.

Criteria for financing

  • Sectors medtech, biotech, digital health
  • Residence or major business activity in Europe
  • Application via online form
  • Funding need of up to Euro 10m
  • Approval by independent Investment Committee

Financing volume

Minimum Euro 500k
Maximum Euro 10m

Scope of services

  • Validation of business model
  • Preparation of a securities prospectus or a securities information sheet, execution of the application procedure for the approval of a public offer
  • Development and execution of a marketing and communication strategy
  • Access to an existing network of investors (private, professional & institutional), partners and healthcare professionals.

Reference data

  • Immunologik GmbH: ImmunoLogik GmbH is developing the innovative active substance IML-106 for the efficient and vital treatment of patients who have undergone therapy and would otherwise die as a result of the outbreak of AIDS. – Euro 300k /2018
  • nice!innovations GmbH: nice!innovations GmbH has developed a new external fixator system, the "snakeFX".  – Euro 260k /2016
  • MOIO.CARE GmbH: Das TeleCare-System informiert Pflegende mit Hilfe eines speziellen Pflasters auf die Haut des Pflegebedürftigen geklebten Sensors, falls konkreter Handlungsbedarf besteht (Ortung, Dekubitus-Vorsorge, Aktivitätskontrolle, etc.) – Euro 175k /2018


Frankfurt am Main


Hanauer Landstr. 328-330
60314 Frankfurt am Main


Contact persons

Patrick Pfeffer

Jörg Diehl
Head of Business Development