The price indices of Wiener Börse AG are continuously calculated during trading hours. The new index value is calculated by multiplying the initial value by the ratio of the current index capitalization to the initial capitalization and the current adjustment factor. The purpose of the adjustment factor is to compensate for changes due to index adjustments (e.g. corporate actions). Only changes of share prices and exchange rates influence the index value.


Formula for the calculation of indices in local currency:

Formula for the calculation of indices in EUR:

NNumber of stocks contained in the index
PiPrice of stock i in local currency
EUR/LCMid-rate of bid and ask currency quotes of the Euro against the respective local currency
QiNumber of shares of stock i in the index
FFiFree Float Factor of stock i 
RFiRepresentation factor of stock i
AFAdjustment factor
tTime of index calculation
t0Index start date