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Wienerberger to replace BAWAG Group in ATX five, Austrian National index ATX remains unchanged

(Vienna) Today's review of the Austrian stock indices results in a change in the composition of the ATX five and new free float factors for EVN AG and Immofinanz AG. The composition of the national index ATX remains unchanged. Wienerberger AG will replace BAWAG Group AG in the ATX five due to the higher free float capitalization in the last five trading days. The five largest companies on the Vienna Stock Exchange are thus Erste Group AG, OMV AG, Verbund AG, Raiffeisen Bank International AG and Wienerberger AG. The changes will be effective as of 21 September 2020. The composition of Austrian indices will be reviewed again in March 2021, the free float factors on 2 December 2020.

For EVN AG, the free float factor will be increased from 0.2 to 0.3 according to the investment notification issued on the occasion of the entry of Wiener Stadtwerke. For Immofinanz AG, the free float factor will be lowered from 0.8 to 0.7. In the course of the capital increase, institutional investors have increased their shares. The free float factor expresses how many of a company's shares are held by the public and influences its weighting in the index.

The calculation of the ATX is based on a purely quantitative procedure. According to "The Rules for the Austrian Indices of the Vienna Stock Exchange", the inclusion or exclusion of stocks from the Austrian indices is reviewed twice a year (March and September). Decisions on new additions to the index are based on average daily trading volumes and the free float capitalization of companies. The Vienna Stock Exchange reviews the calculation parameters (number of shares, free float factors, representation factors) of the index on a quarterly basis. Once a month, the ATX watchlist is published. Representatives of institutional investors, financial institutions that issue financial products on the indices, trading members of the Vienna Stock Exchange, academics advisors and the Vienna Stock Exchange contribute their know-how to the Index Committee, which approves the index rules. A list of the Committee members is available online.


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