An Advisory Council has been established to advise the Management Board on affairs relating to the operation and management of Wiener Börse as a general commodity exchange, consisting of the President of the Panel of the Court of Arbitration of the Commodity Exchange of Wiener Börse and at least five, but at the most nine, further members appointed by the Supervisory Board from the group of exchange dealers on the commodity exchange.

The period of office of the current Advisory Council ends on 31 March 2025.

The Election Rules for the Advisory Council for the General Commodity Exchange of 26 February 2004, as amended, and promulgated by Notice No. 360 of 1 April 2004 (pdf-file 465 KB – in German) and most recently amended by Notice No. 301 of 25 February 2010 (pdf-file 38 KB – in German).

The persons proposed for the Sixth Advisory Council pursuant to Art. 4 par. 1 of the Election Rules have been elected, this election having been promulgated in the Official Bulletin No. 584 of 26 March 2020 (pdf-file 92 KB – in German).