Xetra® (Exchange Electronic Trading) is a trading system of Deutsche Börse AG for the fully electronic trading on the cash market (equities, bonds and structured products) and is used by Wiener Börse AG since November 5th, 1999.

The trading architecture has performed extraordinarily well over many years and Deutsche Börse AG decided to grant Xetra® a serious upgrade - Xetra® T7. The cutting-edge technology T7 stands for low latency, high throughpit and greater flexibility.

Since 31 July 2017, the trading architecture Xetra® T7 is used for trading on the cash market of Wiener Börse AG, in addition to Xetra® Classic. In a first step, all tradable equities and ETFs were transferred into Xetra® T7 and are no longer available in Xetra® Classic. All other instruments (bonds, certificates and warrants) can still be traded in Xetra® Classic.

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