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Wiener Börse responds to recent takeover bids on the Austrian market: Stock market listing offers competitive advantage

(Vienna) In response to media enquiries regarding the recent takeover bids for Flughafen Wien AG, Wiener Börse issues the following statement:

As infrastructure provider, the Vienna Stock Exchange is not advising investors on specific offers. This assessment must be made by each shareholder him- or herself. In its role as national stock exchange, the Vienna Stock Exchange recalls the strategic advantages of a stock market listing for owners, the business location and the company as well as the opportunity for all investors to participate in future growth prospects. The higher the free float of a company, the better the tradability and more influential is the stock market presence.

A stock market listing brings strategic advantages to any company in three areas: First, the capital market offers an ongoing opportunity for financing innovation and growth. Shareholders benefit from a continuous valuation and possible dividend payouts. Second, high visibility and transparency is not only a requirement for investors, but also a benefit for (potential) customers, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders. Thirdly, a stock exchange listing requires processes and structures that keep a company fit and competitive in the long run. An ongoing dialogue with analysts and investors benefits the company for its future development.


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Julia Resch

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Laura Marchler

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