The basis of successful trading decisions is comprehensive market information supplied in real-time. The Vienna Stock Exchange as a market data hub for Central and Eastern Europe supports market participants by aggregating the market data of eleven different exchanges and providing in a standardized format.

The following markets are available via the Vienna hub:

  • Stock exchanges
    • Vienna
    • Albania
    • Banja Luka
    • Belgrade
    • Budapest
    • Kazakhstan
    • Ljubljana
    • North Macedonia
    • Prague
    • Zagreb
  • Energy exchange
    • EXAA Energy Exchange Austria

The market data of all exchanges are directly disseminated in real-time via our data feed ADH and the low-latency feed rapidADH as well as via approved data vendors. Additionally, the Vienna Stock Exchange provides customers a comprehensive range of continuously updated reference data and master data. Furthermore, requests concerning historical data can be sent to Market Data Sales.

All of the exchanges mentioned  are not only covered technically by the Vienna Stock Exchange, but also contractually which significantly reduces costs and work for our clients.

Market Data Sales

On trading days between 8:00 and 18:00 hrs.

+43 1 531 65-183 and -102

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