Regulated Markets


Company AMAG Austria Metall AG Österreichische Staatsdruckerei
Holding AG
First day of trading 04/08/2011 11/11/2011
No. of shares included 35,264,000 7,500,000
Issue price1 19.00 -
First price1 17.890 11.500 (11/21/2011)
Market value2 630,872,960 86,250,000
Market Official Market Official Market
Market segment prime market standard market auction

Third Market (MTF)


Company TG Holding AG3 AutoBank AG
ISIN AT0000692306 AT0000A0K1J1
First day of trading 01/03/2011 10/17/2011
No. of shares included 500,000 6,143,152
First price1 2.000 2.444 (10/19/2011)
Market Third Market (MTF) Third Market (MTF)
Market segment other other


Company digital entertainment plc.,
Depository Interests
ISIN GI000A0MV757 -
First trading day 04/01/2011 -
No. of shares included 852,271,026 -
First price1 2.300 -
Market Third Market (MTF) -
Market segment other -
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1 in EUR
2 Listed shares calculated on the basis of the first price
3 Before quoted on the Official Market

St = Common stocks
Vz = Preferred stocks
PS = Participations certificates
KAS = Earnings certificates
GWS = Earnings certificates
GS = Dividend rights certificates
ADC = Austrian Depository Certificate


The data in the pdf-files represent a snapshot taken at the time of the initial public offering/new listing or inclusion in the MTF and are not updated regularly.

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