Indices of Prague Stock Exchange

Vienna Stock Exchange calculates, publishes and licences three national indices on behalf of the Prague Stock Exchange. The indices are designed as tradable indices to be used as an underlying instrument for structured products and for derivatives. The indices are calculated in CZK and disseminated in real time and the constituent weights are capped on a quarterly basis to ensure compliance with UCITS IV standards for portfolio diversification.

Prague Stock Exchange Index (PX)

The PX is the official index of the Czech Republic and is made up of the most actively traded blue chips of the Prague Stock Exchange. The index is also available as a Total Return (PX-TR) index. PX futures are traded on the Prague Stock Exchange.


IndexISINBloombergReutersIndex Calculation (CET)
PXXC0009698371PX.PX09:00 - 16:25
PX-TRCZ0160000019PXTR.PXTR09:00 - 16:25



The PX-GLOB is a broad-based price index comprising stocks traded on a regulated stock market of the Prague Stock Exchange.

IndexISINBloombergReutersCalculation Time (CET)
PX-GLOB CZ0160000001PXGLOB.PX-GLOBend-of-day


The designations of the indices are legally copyright protected and trademarks of the Prague Stock Exchange. Thus the right to use the indices as underlying for financial products is granted only upon a previous conclusion of a licence agreement. This concerns the use as a benchmark or as a basis for structured products, passively or actively managed funds, derivatives, or for other index-linked financial products (both OTC and exchange traded) offered by a bank or another financial institution.

If you intend to use one of these indices as an underlying instrument for your financial products or if you should have any questions regarding licensing, please contact the Index Licensing Team.

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