Specialist and Market Maker are under the obligation to place binding buy and sell prices (quotes) into the system during a certain period in continuous trading, which must comply with a predefined minimum size and maximum spread.

A trading participant who has assumed a Specialist or Market Maker function shall be considered to have fulfilled its obligations if in the course of one calendar month, it meets ≥ 80 % of its quotation obligations (Minimum Size and Maximum Spread) during the daily observation period. The daily observation period is the time between 09:00 and 17:33 hrs on each trading day.

If the ATX fluctuates +/- 3% compared to the closing price of the previous day, the fast market regulation takes effect for Specialists and Market Makers in the market segments equity market.at and other securities.at – the respective quotation obligations are suspended by Wiener Börse AG and any failures to meet these obligations will not be taken into account for the trading day concerned.

If a Specialist or a Market Maker fails to fulfill its obligations within the observation month, the fees charged for transactions concluded in the relevant month will be based on the of principal fees.

Three quarters of all trades in Austrian shares are traded on the Vienna Stock Exchange at the best price and the highest liquidity