The Xetra® Enhanced Transaction Solution (ETS) is a trading interface designed for market participants who are interested in low latency market access and transaction processing.

The main characteristics of ETS are:

  • ETS is a message-based interface, the ETS connection is established simply via a TCP connection. No software has to be installed by the member.
  • ETS is a session-oriented interface: an ETS application receives information on orders and quotes entered within the own session. Up to 100 trader logons are possible within one single session simultaneously.
    • Orders and quotes entered via other ETS Sessions can be queried (query order/quote).
    • Trade confirmations are delivered, depending on the parameter, also for other sessions or even other Member-IDs – Non-Clearing Members (backoffice functionality).
  • ETS is an openinterface: there are no restrictions regarding operating system and programming language.
  • ETS is a simpleinterface with a low foot print and an uncomplicated syntax.
  • A full documentation is provided via the protocol specification but also in an electronically-readable form using XML.

ETS does not provide:

  • Market data (for example instrument prices, order book depth or indices)
  • System status or instrument trading phase data
  • News messages
  • Administration for members, traders or instruments

For further questions the Technical Helpdesk is at your disposal.

Technical Helpdesk

On trading days from 8:00 to 18:00 hrs.

+43 1 531 65-170

More Information about Technical Interfaces Xetra® Classic

Note – CUG

A detailed documentation on the Xetra® Enhanced Transaction Solution (ETS) is available for downloading in the closed user group.

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