The Xetra® Enhanced Broadcast Solution (EnBS) is a flexible, transparent, UDP-based interface which disseminates unnetted market data like reference data, instrument prices and order book depth with market depth up to 20. Because of the high frequency of updates, a high capacity communication bandwidth of 2x10 Mbit/s is required.

For exclusive connectivity to the Xetra® Vienna backend – for the markets of Budapest, Ljubljana, Prague and Vienna – “Enhanced Connectivity light” with 2x2 MBit/s bandwidth capacity is offered instead of 2x10 Mbit/s.

It is a low footprint architecture in which customers have a free choice of platform and operating system.

The data disseminated over a multicast network in the  form of broadcast streams is offered via two redundant interface services (A and B). Customers are able to receive the relevant data by subscribing to the appropriate broadcast stream. As multicast reception is not reliable, it is recommended to subscribe to the appropriate broadcast streams via both interface services (A and B), so that in the case of loss of data of one interface service, the data can be obtained from the second interface service.

Please note that the EnBS interface does not provide any index data.

EnBS is supported parallel to the public market data dissemination via VALUES API and the multicast Market Data Interface (MDI), which are customized for low bandwidth usage.

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Note – CUG

A detailed documentation on the Xetra® Enhanced Broadcast Solution (EnBS) as well as the addresses for the broadcast streams for all markets on the Xetra® Vienna back-end are available for downloading in the closed user group.

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