As soon as MiFID SFTP account credentials have been set up by Wiener Börse AG and are provided to Members, connection tests can start

  • Test up- and download of files

Functional testing can start as of availability of the validation processes (confirmation & feedback files). WBAG plans to rollout this functionality in the "simu" and "prod" folder by end of November 2017.

Members will have the possibility to test in simulation as well as in the production environment.

Simulation & Production Environment

In the simulation environment of both trading systems (Xetra® Classic, Xetra® T7) the MiFID II software release versions (Xetra® Release 17.0, Xetra® T7 6.0) are already available and the following fields can be tested by the Members:

  • Client ID
  • Execution ID and Execution Qualifier
  • Investment ID and Investment Qualifier

Please note: Members have to populate the field Client ID for all client transactions (order entry/modification). The trading systems won't accept order transactions on "agent" account without filling of the Client ID field.

As of launch of Xetra® Classic Release 17.0 on 20 November 2017 and of Xetra® T7 6.0 on 4 December 2017 these fields will be available in the production environment.

Consequently "dummy" Client IDs have to be sent by members before MiFID II go live on 3 January 2018.

UAT User Acceptance Testing

Until MiFID II comes into force on 3 January 2017, it's not mandatory to test also on simulation environment. For new members as of 3 January2017 testing in the simulation environment will be mandatory before rollout in production.

Members shall provide first data files based on production environment data by beginning of December 2017. As of then members are enabled to test the validation on daily basis.

Note that correct short codes have to be provided when MiFID II comes into force on 3 January 2018. Before, members can also test "dummy" short codes in production.

Please note: Wiener Börse AG will delete all open orders in the course of Xetra® Classic and Xetra® T7 EOD processing on 29 December 2017.

Short/long code mapping information provided by members in the production environment and processed by Wiener Börse AG as of begin of December 2017 will be deleted from Wiener Börse AGs reporting database on Wednesday morning, 27 December 2017. As of this point in time, Wiener Börse AGs reporting database will consider every further short/long code mapping information provided by members via SFTP as "real" production data.