MiFID II is the generic term referring to the revision of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (2004/39/EC) which was orginally introduced in 2007, more commonly known as MiFID I. Upon its application on 3 January 2018, the new directive (2014/65/EU) will be accompanied by the Markets in Financial Instruments Regulation (MiFIR, Reg. EU No. 600/2014).

The new Directive and Regulation will fundamentally transform the European securities market by expanding transparency provisions, strengthening the stability and integrity of the financial market infrastructure, revising the markets' microstructure (market making, algorithmic trading, requirements regarding the security mechanisms of trading venues and market participants, tick sizes) and improving the quality and availability of market data.

The following information has been created to inform participants on Wiener Börse AGs MiFID II requirements and outline it's position.