TTR (Trade Transparency Report) is a service developed by the Vienna Stock Exchange that covers the legal requirements pursuant to the disclosure obligatiosn of MiFID in real-time:

  • Post-trade transparency (Article 28)
  • Pre-trade transparency (Article 22)
  • Pre-trade transparency (Article 27)

The TTR service is available to all customers to help them meet their disclosure obligations for OTC transactions in European equities.

TTR, the MiFID solution of the Vienna Stock Exchange offers:

  • A standardized solution for all transparency requirements
  • Anonymized data distribution by using external infrastructure
  • The Vienna Stock Exchange as a neutral provider of flexible services
  • A solution that guarantees compliance with MiFID
  • Verification of the data provided against ESMA reference data
  • Reporting features in conformity with MiFID

Data can be entered either via

  • A standardized FIX interface to the automatic data upload, or
  • The TTR Web GUI – for manual data entry by the participants.

The data is disseminated in real-time through the Alliance Data Highway (ADH) of the Vienna Stock Exchange to the professional, national and international data vendors connected to the ADH.

Technical Helpdesk

On trading days from 8:00 to 18:00 hrs.
T +43 1 531 65-170