WebTrading of Deutsche Börse AG is the web-based access to J-Trader. J-Trader is the standard trading front-end for Xetra®, which provides trading, clearing, market data and administration functionalities.

J-Trader is based on VALUES API, the original interface of the Xetra® trading system. The MISS infrastructure (Member Integrated System Server) is located and administered by Deutsche Börse AG which means that there is no need to administer the necessary software and hardware on on-site installations.

WebTrading has been designed mainly for small participants to grant them easy access to the markets, but can also be used by trading members to manage trader authentications if they have phased VALUES API.

A secure connection is guaranteed by the use of certificates on client side, which can be downloaded from the Member Section of Deutsche Börse Group. In the case of an indirect connection, certificates are provided by Wiener Börse AG on behalf of Deutsche Börse AG.

For further questions the Technical Helpdesk is at your disposal.

Technical Helpdesk

On trading days from 8:00 to 18:00 hrs.

+43 1 531 65-170

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