Quality Criteria in Stock Trading

22 December 2016 | Karl Brauneis| Börsen-Kurier

Today, traders and brokers can choose among a large number of market-places in Europe. Trading quality is the decisive factor in stock trading. The Vienna Stock Exchange is by far the market leader in Austrian equities trading: three-quarters of the entire trading volume in Austrian stocks are executed at the Vienna Stock Exchange. “We offer the best liquidity. This means the narrowest spread, the deepest order book and therefore the lowest implied trading costs”, said Karl Brauneis, head of trading department at the Vienna Stock Exchange. To read more about quality criteria in stock trading read the following op-ed or watch our newest video.

Op-Ed in the Austrian Weekly Börsen-Kurier (German only) (pdf-file 232 KB)
Video – Vienna Stock Exchange: Best trading platform for Austrian stocks


Book Tip: J.K. Galbraith – Eine kurze Geschichte der Spekulation

22 December 2016 | Christoph Boschan | trend

In issue No. 51/52 of the Austrian monthly “Trend Premium” CEO Christoph Boschan explains why he recommends Galbraith’s economic book: “A Short History of Financial Euphoria”. The American economist J.K. Galbraith –one of the most important economists of the twentieth century – manages to illustrate the greatest speculations of the last centuries in a series of scenes and stories skilfully. “A challenging book, which reads like a single quote collection,” said CEO Christoph Boschan.

Book Tip (pdf-file 173 KB)

Die Presse

Investieren ist ein Marathon und kein Sprint

22. Dezember 2016 | Gastkommentar von Christoph Boschan | Die Presse

Ganz Österreich profitierte, würden mehr Bürger mit Aktien zu Mitunternehmern. Wenn wir als Land führend in der Innovation werden wollen, brauchen wir Risiko- und Eigenkapital und das richtige Umfeld dafür. Jeder zehnte Arbeitsplatz hängt an einem börsenotierten Unternehmen. Aus jedem Euro, der in ein börsenotiertes Unternehmen investiert wird, werden 2,4 Euro für die Volkswirtschaft. Wer Details dazu wissen will, kann diese in einem Faktencheck auf der Website der Wiener Börse finden. In folgendem Gastkommentar geht der Börse-CEO auf die Rolle der Börse am Kapitalmarkt und die aktuellen Rahmenbedingungen näher ein.

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All Time High in Number of Executed Orders and Corporate Bonds

21 December 2016 | Günter Granitzer | APA

„We will keep up the high service quality for our customers, the competition is strong. We plan to support our clients in dealing with the EU regulation-tsunami”, said Christoph Boschan to the Austrian Press Agency APA in an interview before Christmas. The Vienna Stock Exchange reached an all-time high in executed orders this year. 2016 is also a record-breaking year in terms of the number and volume of new corporate bonds.  The Vienna Stock Exchange plans new services next year (MiFID II APA reporting service) and wants to keep attracting further bond listings.

APA News on the exchange year 2016 (German only)
APA Interview with Christoph Boschan (German only)


It is essential to guarantee trust in benchmarks

15 December 2016 | Suzanna Moni | Structured Retail Products

The online platform SRP published an interview with CEO Christoph Boschan, sharing a review on his first months and his position on current regulation (benchmark regulation and capital market union). The Vienna Stock Exchange established itself as a secondary market for structured products. It offers a wide range of investment products and ensures liquid trading at fair market prices. Besides transparency and information, it is essential to continue to promote financial literacy. According to CEO Christoph Boschan, this is the best protection for investor. To read more on Structured Products at the Vienna Stock Exchange, follow the link.

Interview (pdf-file 207 KB)


Christoph Boschan Live @ CNN: International Relations are part of Austria's DNA

6 December 2016 | CNN

Austria is one of the most globalized countries in the world. As a very open economy, Austria clearly benefits from free trade and European integration. 5 out of 10 euro of Austria's GDP are earned through export activities. Christoph Boschan highlights that politicians need to convey to European citizens, that their individual wealth depends mainly on the integrated European market.

View the recent CNN live interview in the context of the Austrian presidential elections

Salzburger Nachrichten

Vienna Stock Exchange top trading platform for Austrian stocks

25 November 2016 | Helmut Kretzl | Salzburger Nachrichten

In an interview with Salzburger Nachrichten Christoph Boschan revealed legends around the Vienna Stock Exchange and appealed to the politicians to end the overbearing regulations. He stressed that the role of a stock exchange is that of an infrastructure provider – comparable to a power grid provider – and therefore the associated area of influence is limited.

Interview (pdf-file 575 KB – in German)

Forbes Austria

I’m not leaving, before I’m done

November 2016 | Edith Humenberger-Lackner | Forbes Austria

"Investors shouldn't be able to find a less expensive execution price for their orders in Austrian stocks anywhere else in Europe than in Vienna," this is one of Christoph Boschan's goals he stated in an interview with Forbes Austria. He also wants to stop the rumors that the Vienna Stock Exchange is too expensive as analysis reveals the opposite. Vienna has by far the lowest execution prices in trading in Austrian stocks; it has the narrowest spreads (difference between buy and sell price, note), the highest liquidity and the best supply of information.

Interview (pdf-file 395 KB)
Photo credit: David Visnjic

Oberösterreichische Nachrichten

Education is the best investor protection

29 October 2016 | Alexander Zens | Oberösterreichische Nachrichten

In an interview with the daily newspaper "Oberösterreichische Nachrichten", CEO Boschan explains why education is the best protection for investors and the key to profiting when the shares rise. He also talked about his proposal to exempt retail investors in the lower income tax brackets from the capital yields tax.

Interview (in German)


Bulletproof advantages at the Vienna Stock Exchange

29 October 2016 | Martina Salomon | Kurier

CEO Christoph Boschan in an interview with the daily newspaper Kurier about the goal of lifting overall market capitalization to the European average, the advantages of a listing on the Vienna Stock Exchange, and why successful investment requires perseverance.

Interview (in German)

Die Presse

We offer the best package

28 October 2016 | Josef Urschitz and Jakob Zirm | Die Presse

CEO Christoph Boschan in an interview with the Austrian daily "Die Presse": The Vienna Stock Exchange is an infrastructure service provider. Our clients’ needs are our top priority. Austrian issuers are looking for high visibility, high liquidity and low costs. Investors want as much information as possible and best execution prices. Vienna offers the best package for both groups.

Interview (in German)

Der Standard

Lower income retail investors should be exempt from capital gains tax

28 October 2016 | Bettina Pfluger | Der Standard

Investing is a marathon, not a sprint! Since 1991, the annual performance of the leading Austrian index, the ATX, has been 6% on average - in spite of several stock market crises. To incentivise lower income retail investors to profit from these yields, the Austrian capital gains tax needs to be abolished for long-term oriented stock investments (over 1 year).

The Austrian daily "Der Standard" published an interview with Christoph Boschan, CEO of the Vienna Stock Exchange, on the measures to support retail investors in Austria, the prospects of the Austrian capital market and the possible effects of the BREXIT.

Interview (in German)

CEO Christoph Boschan über die Institution Wiener Börse und das Potenzial österreichischer börsennotierter Unternehmen

24. Oktober 2016 | boersenradio.at

Unternehmen mit starkem Österreich-Bezug (bezogen auf Kundschaft, Absatzmarkt und Produktionsbasis) gehören klar an die Wiener Börse. Dort haben sie die größte Sichtbarkeit, die höchste Liquidität, das tiefste Orderbuch und die geringsten Ausführungskosten. Als Börsechef sieht er die Entscheidung des Emittenten RHI kritisch. Bei einem Listing in London werden sich die Ausführungskosten für Anleger erheblicher erhöhen und die Liquidität wird geringer. Die Vorteile von Aktieninvestments liegen laut Christoph Boschan in der Dividende: sie ist der neue Zins.

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