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You can download the daily statistic of the segment equity (prime market, standard market, direct market plus, direct market, global market) as Excel-file. The latest file is available on all trading days at 18:00 CET.

Selected date 06/01/2022 - 06/27/2022

06/02/2022Daily Statistics186 KBCSV
06/27/2022Daily Statistics185 KBCSV
06/22/2022Daily Statistics186 KBCSV
06/20/2022Daily Statistics185 KBCSV
06/14/2022Daily Statistics185 KBCSV
06/09/2022Daily Statistics186 KBCSV
06/23/2022Daily Statistics185 KBCSV
06/21/2022Daily Statistics185 KBCSV
06/03/2022Daily Statistics186 KBCSV
06/15/2022Daily Statistics185 KBCSV
06/16/2022Daily Statistics186 KBCSV
06/10/2022Daily Statistics186 KBCSV
06/07/2022Daily Statistics186 KBCSV
06/24/2022Daily Statistics184 KBCSV
06/01/2022Daily Statistics185 KBCSV
06/17/2022Daily Statistics185 KBCSV
06/13/2022Daily Statistics186 KBCSV
06/08/2022Daily Statistics185 KBCSV


The trading volumes in the statistics also include compensation trades. Compensation trades are inhouse trades for own account from one trading participant, whereas proprietary trading orders respectively market maker or specialist quotes and orders are involved. Compensation trades are not disclosued via the price informatin system.

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