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Published on 05/31/2022
CEO of Frequentis AG Norbert Haslacher talks about the company and presents recent figures and facts. #Frequentis #safety-critical communication and information solutions leverage more than seventy years of experience showcasing true leadership in this market. With deep cross-industry experience in civil aviation, defence, public #safety, maritime and public transportation markets; the company has built upon its initial control centre voice communications focus to develop deep expertise in these five areas of core competence. Frequentis has driven innovation throughout its history with many ‘industry firsts’. This will continue as the industry evolves, with a focus on user-centric design that considers the controller in all it does. More info about the stock: Stay updated on the Vienna Stock Exchange ➡️ Learn more: ➡️ Subscribe to our newsletters Follow us on social media and learn more ➡️ Twitter: ➡️ LinkedIn: ➡️ YouTube:
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