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Published on 05/27/2019
Austrian Stock Talk by Vienna Stock Exchange: compact information for investors and those interested in the stock market. Subscribe to our Youtube channel now! CFO of Verbund AG Peter F. Kollmann talks about the company and presents recent figures and facts. VERBUND is Austria’s leading electricity company and of the largest producers of hydropower electricity in Europe. Hydropower plays a major role in Austria's electricity supply. In Austria, nearly 65% of electricity generation is covered by hydropower, and more than half of this comes from VERBUND hydropower plants. Because close to 100% of their electricity generation comes from climate-friendly, renewable hydropower. VERBUND's Danube power plants alone can cover the electricity needs of nearly all private households in Austria. Verbund runs their hydropower plants efficiently and protects humans, nature and the climate.
Herr Reinhard Florey, OMV AG
08/10/2017, 17:44:10
OMV doubles profit, future E-station, sale of Petrol Ofis Turkey with loss-re-cycling in currency transactions

Mr. Reinhard Florey (CFO) interviewed by Peter Heinrich

The business in the first half year 2017 in the oil production run well. Operating profit rose from minus 40 to 343 million euros. How is the recycling of FX losses in the course of the sale of OMV Petrol Ofis Turkey? In Q2, OMV increased its sales by 12% to EUR 5.15 billion thanks to higher prices. The OMV refinery Schwechat was renewed for EUR 110 million. How is the profit margin between oil production and the price at the service station?


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