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11/19/2020Results 1st to 3rd Quarter 2020
11/26/2020Digital Austrian Day
12/14/2020UNIQA Capital Markets Day
02/18/2021Preliminary Figures 2020
04/08/2021Group Report 2020, UNIQA Capital Report 2020
05/20/2021Results 1st Quarter 2021, Solvency and Financial Condition Report 2020
05/21/2021Record date "Annual General Meeting"
05/31/2021Annual General Meeting
06/10/2021Ex-dividend date
06/11/2021Record date "dividends"
06/14/2021Dividend payment date
08/19/2021Half-year financial report 2021
11/18/2021Results 1st to 3rd Quarter 2021

Source: provided by the company
Record date "Dividends": Date on which settled positions are struck in the books of the Issuer`s CSD at close of business to determine the entitlement to dividends. Origination of entitlement is still linked to the Ex-dividend date.
Record date "Annual General Meeting": Date for participation to Annual General Meeting.

       Source: provided by the Company

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ReportsBusiness YearFormatSize
Half-yearly Financial Report2020PDF445 KB
Annual Financial Report2019PDF1.2 MB
Report 3rd Quarter 2019PDF336 KB
Interim Report or Report 3rd Quarter2019PDF336 KB
Half-yearly Financial Report2019PDF309 KB
Report 1st quarter2019PDF324 KB
Annual Financial Report2018PDF344 KB
Report 3rd Quarter 2018PDF381 KB
Half-yearly Financial Report2018PDF321 KB
Report 1st quarter2018PDF322 KB
Annual Financial Report2017PDF1.3 MB
Report 3rd Quarter 2017PDF425 KB
Half-yearly Financial Report2017PDF425 KB
Report 1st quarter2017PDF414 KB
Annual Financial Report2016PDF1.7 MB
Report 3rd Quarter 2016PDF426 KB
Half-yearly Financial Report2016PDF422 KB
Report 1st quarter2016PDF368 KB
Annual Financial Report2015PDF1.3 MB
Report 3rd Quarter 2015PDF501 KB
Half-yearly Financial Report2015PDF466 KB
Interim Report or Report 1st Quarter2015PDF348 KB
Annual Financial Report2014PDF1.3 MB
Interim Report or Report 3rd Quarter2014PDF358 KB
Half-yearly Financial Report2014PDF360 KB
Interim Report or Report 1st Quarter2014PDF362 KB
Annual Financial Report2013PDF1.4 MB
Interim Report or Report 3rd Quarter2013PDF404 KB
Half-yearly Financial Report2013PDF334 KB
Interim Report or Report 1st Quarter2013PDF338 KB
Annual Financial Report2012PDF1.4 MB
Interim Report or Report 3rd Quarter2012PDF437 KB
Half-yearly Financial Report2012PDF416 KB
Interim Report or Report 1st Quarter2012PDF335 KB
Annual Financial Report2011PDF1.3 MB
Interim Report or Report 3rd Quarter2011PDF277 KB
Half-yearly Financial Report2011PDF380 KB
Interim Report or Report 1st Quarter2011PDF234 KB
Annual Financial Report2010PDF1.4 MB
Interim Report or Report 3rd Quarter2010PDF238 KB
Half-yearly Financial Report2010PDF409 KB
Interim Report or Report 1st Quarter2010PDF255 KB
Annual Report2009PDF6.2 MB
Annual Financial Report2009PDF1.5 MB
Interim Report or Report 3rd Quarter2009PDF234 KB
Half-yearly Financial Report2009PDF271 KB
Interim Report or Report 1st Quarter2009PDF221 KB
Annual Report2008PDF717 KB
Annual Financial Report2008PDF720 KB
Interim Report or Report 3rd Quarter2008PDF262 KB
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