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Record date "Dividends": Date on which settled positions are struck in the books of the Issuer`s CSD at close of business to determine the entitlement to dividends. Origination of entitlement is still linked to the Ex-dividend date.
Record date "Annual General Meeting": Date for participation to Annual General Meeting.

ReportsBusiness YearFormatSize
Half-yearly Financial Report2014PDF1.0 MB
Report 1st quarter2018PDF710 KB
Half-yearly Financial Report2019PDF527 KB
Interim Report or Report 3rd Quarter2013PDF2.5 MB
Annual Financial Report2011PDF4.9 MB
Half-yearly Financial Report2013PDF3.1 MB
Annual Financial Report2015PDF1.4 MB
Interim Report or Report 3rd Quarter2014PDF1.6 MB
Report 3rd Quarter 2016PDF455 KB
Interim Report or Report 3rd Quarter2011PDF572 KB
Half-yearly Financial Report2015PDF1.1 MB
Annual Financial Report2021PDF6.9 MB
Half-yearly Financial Report2021PDF553 KB
Half-yearly Financial Report2017PDF1.6 MB
Report 3rd Quarter 2018PDF672 KB
Report 1st quarter2017PDF711 KB
Annual Financial Report2012PDF2.1 MB
Annual Report2011PDF4.6 MB
Interim Report or Report 1st Quarter2013PDF1.4 MB
Annual Report2013PDF8.5 MB
Interim Report or Report 1st Quarter2011PDF376 KB
Report 1st quarter2016PDF1.7 MB
Interim Report or Report 3rd Quarter2015PDF1.2 MB
Half-yearly Financial Report2012PDF6.8 MB
Annual Financial Report2016PDF7.7 MB
Half-yearly Financial Report2016PDF571 KB
Interim Report or Report 1st Quarter2015PDF1.2 MB
Annual Financial Report2013PDF3.6 MB
Annual Financial Report2017PDF11.8 MB
Annual Financial Report2014PDF2.6 MB
Half-yearly Financial Report2011PDF295 KB
Interim Report or Report 3rd Quarter2012PDF520 KB
Annual Financial Report2010PDF88 KB
Annual Financial Report2018PDF3.7 MB
Interim Report or Report 1st Quarter2012PDF604 KB
Annual Financial Report2020PDF4.5 MB
Report 3rd Quarter 2017PDF2.6 MB
Interim Report or Report 1st Quarter2014PDF1.3 MB
Half-yearly Financial Report2018PDF924 KB
Annual Financial Report2019PDF10.1 MB
Half-yearly Financial Report2020PDF372 KB

       Source: provided by the Company