Market Data Agreement

All market data products provided by the Vienna Stock Exchange (apart from Budapest market data) are covered by one agreement. A precondition for the receipt and dissemination of market data is a valid market data agreement (display usage):

Market Data Agreement (pdf-file 685 KB)

The agreement consists of a general contractual part, a product and price list (pdf-file 395 KB), a website form for hosted websites, an annex covering the contractual partner's contact details and the reporting and audit requirements.

Derived Data Agreement

Contract for derived data and non-display usage (Derived Data Agreement) (pdf-file 190 KB). Clients who wish to use real-time and/or delayed market information in non-display applications or for derived data creation need a Derived Data Agreement. While the calculation of an index or the creation of financial products based on market information disseminated by the Vienna Stock Exchange are covered by the term derived data, non-display usage mainly covers the market data usage in applications (pdf-file 190 KB).

With an existing contractual relationship, further Derived Data products can be ordered via the Derived Data Agreement (pdf-file 90 KB).

Market Data Sales

On trading days between 8:00 and 18:00 hrs.

+43 1 531 65-183 and -102