Knock-out rule for knock-out certificates (turbo certificates):

As soon as the underlying instrument of a knock-out certificate (turbo certificate) reaches the knock-out threshold, the issuer must immediately inform the exchange. After receiving the notification, the exchange suspends the certificate from trading. All open orders are automatically deleted from the system due to suspended trading.

Showing 2,151 to 2,158.
Knock-Out DateISINCertificate TypeUnderlyingRepurchase price1
08/25/2020AT0000A2DXC8Knock-out CertificatesE-mini Dow Jones15.63
07/22/2020AT0000A2CPK9Knock-out CertificatesGOLD Future20.11
03/02/2021AT0000A2HSG0Knock-out CertificatesGOLD Future20.26
08/06/2020AT0000A2HSQ9Knock-out CertificatesGOLD Future20.42
11/09/2020AT0000A2B9F1Knock-out CertificatesE-mini Dow Jones20.47
08/10/2020AT0000A2DXD6Knock-out CertificatesE-mini Dow Jones20.51
07/30/2020AT0000A2HS12Knock-out CertificatesDAX24.16
10/28/2020AT0000A2HS04Knock-out CertificatesDAX24.38

1 If there are more than 2 internal decimal places the Repurchase price will be rounded.