LastChg. %Chg. Abs.ISINDate, TimeMPQ
116.750+16.75%+16.750XS021373770203/26/2020, 13:27:15D
Bid Size/Ask Size-/-
Bid Order Type/Ask Order Type-/-
Bid Size hist.3115.000/50,000
Bid Date303/31/2020, 12:06:03
Ask Size hist.3119.000/50,000
Ask Date303/31/2020, 12:06:03
Last Turnover (Nomin.)12,000
Turnover Volume (Nomin.)12,000
Total Value12,335
Number Of Trades2
Year High2124.780
Year Low2100.000

1 Double Counting, for bonds traded in units: turnover volume in units, 0-values indicate a valuation price

2 Last 52 weeks (based on close values)

3 Historical auction values, price and date of the last available order, quote of 0.000 means market order

4 Yield p.a. (yield to maturity) calculated according to ICMA. For further details see help.