area2invest offers a digital marketplace for the issuance and distribution of traditional and tokenised securities in the private market.

The marketplace connects natural and legal persons, non-professional and professional investors with issuers from different asset and product classes.  Investors have access to a 360-degree product portfolio.

On area2invest, the "online shop for financial products", investors can invest directly and free of charge. Issuers benefit from direct access to investors and can thus increase their placement reach internationally and expand their potential investor base.

As a tied agent of Bank Frick & Co. AG, the Fintech builds on its strong network of banks, brokers, asset managers and fund managers. 

Criteria for Financing

area2invest offers issuance and distribution solutions for all asset classes and provides access to the entire EU/EEA region due to its location in Liechtenstein. Criteria for financing depend on the respective asset class, the issuance, its location and the EU/EEA target markets.

  • Due Care examination of the issuance and your stakeholders to bank standard
  • Successful due diligence of the respective asset class and approval by an independent investment committee 
  • Authorization of an EU/EEA authority incl. marketing authorization
  • Transaction processing exclusively via banks in the EEA and Switzerland
  • Depending on the asset class, the fulfilment of transparency and disclosure requirements is mandatory

Volume of Financing

Minimum volume for individual projects is EUR 3-5 million, depending on the structure and design of the asset class and the financing target.

Scope of Services

  • Marketplace for traditional and tokenised financial products
  • Fully digital onboarding and underwriting processes for investors; MiFID II compliant
  • Online shop and convenient purchase process of financial products
  • Integrated multi-asset custody services for both securities and security tokens
  • Extensive partner network of banks, financial intermediaries, law firms, custodians and paying agents, product providers and marketplaces in Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein and Switzerland
  • Integrated order book and paying agent services
  • Convenient and easy geographical distribution of financial products within the EU, the EEA and Switzerland

Reference Data

  • Complete placement of a structured product in the amount of CHF 1.2 million within a very short time
  • More than 100 financial products available and brandable, including "best performing" funds in Europe
  • Sales and subscription for tokenized products already in progress
  • Liechtenstein's locational advantage with bridge function between the Swiss franc and euro areas


Ruggell, Liechtenstein


Industriering 40
9491 Ruggell


Contact Person

Bernhard Thalhammer
Head of Client Relations
T +423 783 25 37