Regulated Markets

No new listings or inclusions 2012 in the Regulated Market.

Third Market (MTF)


Company KTM AG2 -
ISIN AT0000645403 -
First day of trading 08/06/2012 -
No. of shares included 10,845,000 -
First price1 43.550 (08/17/2012) -
Market Third Market (MTF) -
Market segment mid market continuous -


Company NanoRepro AG, St

Sintal Agriculture Public Limited,
Global Depositary Receipts (GDRs)
ISIN DE0006577109 US82935W2061
First trading day 10/01/2012 12/18/2012
No. of shares included 2,260,000 12,151,300
First price1 2.200 (12/03/2012) 0.260 (12/28/2012)
Market Third Market (MTF) Third Market (MTF)
Market segment other other

1 in EUR
2 before quoted on the Second Regulated Market

St = Common stocks
Vz = Preferred stocks
PS = Participations certificates
KAS = Earnings certificates
GWS = Earnings certificates
GS = Dividend rights certificates
ADC = Austrian Depository Certificate


The data in the pdf-files represent a snapshot taken at the time of the initial public offering/new listing or inclusion in the MTF and are not updated regularly.

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