Overview of the net asset values (NAVs) of selected issuers in the Third Market of the Vienna Stock Exchange:

Net asset value – AlphaNotes ETP DAC (pdf-file 100 KB)
Net asset value – ETPCAP Designated Activity Company (pdf-file 90 KB)
Net asset value – ETPX Designated Activity Company (pdf-file 100 KB)
Net Asset Value – HFMX Designated Activity Company (pdf-file 150 KB)
Net asset value – IA Capital Structures (Ireland) PLC (pdf-file 125 KB)
Net asset value – IA Capital Structures (Ireland) PLC - XS1598034228 (xlsx-file 20 KB)
Net asset value – iMAPS Capital plc. (pdf-file 148 KB)
Net asset value – Jellyfish Limited (pdf-file 63 KB)
Net asset value – Primeno Life Notes (pdf-file 94 KB)


The calculation of NAV is done by the calcuation agent, which bears also the legal responsibility for the accuracy of the published data. For questions, please find contact details in the pdf-file.

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