Admission and Listing Procedures for Regulated Markets or Inclusion in the MTF (Third Market)

On the Vienna Stock Exchange, the admission to listing or inclusion (MTF) of certificates and warrants or issuance programs is characterized by fast procedures and low fees. When an issuance program is admitted to the Vienna Stock Exchange or included in trading, no separate admission procedures or inclusion procedures are required for each of the individual certificates or warrants issued under the program. Trading in certificates or warrants may start two days after the Vienna Stock Exchange has received the final terms.

The admission of certificates or warrants to listing must be applied for by the issuer for one of the two admission segments regulated by law (Official Market and Second Regulated Market). Certificates or warrants are included in trading in the MTF (Third Market) upon the request of one exchange member, one credit institution or one investment firm.

The Official Market and the Second Regulated Market are regulated markets in the meaning of the MiFID.

Below is a brief overview of the two regulated markets and of the multilateral trading facility (Third Market):

Second Regulated
(Third Market)
ApplicantIssuer plus stock
exchange member
Issuer plus stock
exchange member
Stock exchange member
or credit institution
or investment firm
issue size
EUR 725,000EUR 725,000not required
(one exemption
possible, see later)
(one exemption
possible, see later)
not required
number of units
not quantifiednot requirednot required
Free floatnot quantifiednot requirednot required

Listing fees for certificates and warrants

Steps to listing/inclusion in trading

  • Informal contact with the Vienna Stock Exchange
  • Submission of the required documents to the Vienna Stock Exchange
  • Admission procedures and inclusion procedures
  • Start of trading

The admission for listing of certificates and warrants takes just a few days at Vienna Stock Exchange. Listing is possible two days after admission for listing.

For detailed information concerning “Admission and listing/inclusion in trading of certificates and warrants“ please contact:

Florian Vanek

Market- & Product Development, Listing
T +43 1 531 65-260

Florian Vanek

Susanne Plank

Market- & Product Development, Listing
T +43 1 531 65-251



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