Family businesses are very important for Austria's national economy. Around 70 percent of the companies in Austria and over one third of the companies in the top segment prime market of the Vienna Stock Exchange are family companies. With the ATX Family index the Vienna Stock Exchange created a barometer for the largest family businesses listed on the exchange.

Key facts & advantages of a going public for family companies (source: KPMG, Vienna Stock Exchange):

  • 71% of Austrian family businesses increased their revenues in 2017, according to a study by KPMG on family businesses.
  • Family businesses on the Vienna Stock Exchange are also expanding: The market capitalization of companies in the ATX family increased in the past five years by more than one third.
  • Dividend distributions by ATX family companies amounted to EUR 340 million in 2017.
  • 52% of domestic family businesses want to reinvest the profits in the company.
  • 75% of Austrian family businesses view the preparation and qualification of successors as an important success factor. The decision to list on the stock market can also offer an ideal solution for succession planning.
Norbert Haslacher, CEO, Frequentis AG Portrait

“The IPO enables us to secure our financial independence and the flexibility of the Group in the long term. For us, it has been the perfect way to develop from an owner-managed to a management-run company.”
Norbert Haslacher, CEO, Frequentis AG

Portrait Siegfried Menz

„Listing on the stock exchange brings with it an additional level of transparency and communication. This keeps you fit, promotes innovation and continuous optimization. In addition, the listing on the stock exchange makes it possible to finance investments by means of a capital increase if required. The essential thing is not a singular event, but the stock exchange generally fulfils the function of a fitness motivator.“
Siegfried Menz, former CEO, Ottakringer AG

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