Baader Bank AG


Baader Bank AG is one of the leading investment banks in Germany and market leader in the field of financial instrument trading. The bank is headquartered in Unterschleissheim near Munich and has around 450 employees.

The independent, majority-owner-managed institution has a full banking licence and is a member of the Deposit Protection Fund of the Association of German Banks.

Baader Bank advises companies in the development of long-term funding strategies. It supports the entire corporate spectrum for companies from the German-speaking world in developing concepts for their financing needs. The bank assists companies in their equity and capital market transactions, such as IPOs, corporate actions or corporate bond issues, and arranges marketable project and structured finance solutions.

With respect to Equity, Bond and Derivative Sales, Baader Bank can provide institutional investors with access to unparalleled expertise including its experienced team of senior research analysts specializing in German, Austrian, and Swiss stocks.

Baader Bank offers its clients expertise acquired over many years and the highest standards of financial instrument market making, trading and settlement in the world’s financial markets. Using its innovative technology, Baader manages trading of about 830,000 securities, making it the leading securities trading specialist in Germany.

For SMEs in the German-speaking region, Baader Bank develops independent solutions across the entire spectrum of corporate financing. We provide support for transactions involving the equity and debt capital markets, e.g. IPOs, capital increases and bond issues, and can help with the structuring and placement of promissory notes. We are also able to act as a partner in larger-scale capital market transactions. Furthermore, our Corporate Broker department offers a comprehensive range of services to optimise the perception of companies among their stakeholders by promoting a more effective dialogue with investors and improving secondary market liquidity.

Criteria for Financing

Baader Bank provides advise for medium-sized companies in terms of optimization of financing structure, long-term financing strategy, and implementation in respective debt and equity markets. Furthermore, Baader bank is operating in  secondary market activities and supports the companies regarding the adherence and implementation of capital market usances.

The precondition for the access to the credit and capital market is a long-term sustainable business model as well as an experienced management.

Financing Volume

Depending from the financing instrument at least EUR 5 Mio.

Scope of Services

  • Capital Markets

    • Initial Public Offerings (IPO), capital increase and replacement
    • Corporate bonds and promissory notes
    • Share buyback and stake building of stock listed companies
    • Pre-IPO investments
    • Corporate Brokerage

  • Corporate Brokerage

    • Capital market advisory (incl. specialist / market making)
    • Investor roadshows and conferences
    • Equity research

  • Special Execution

    • IPO and segment change
    • Takeover offers, squeeze outs and public share buyback programs

Reference Data

Some examples of current Market Making mandates:

  • S IMMO




Weihenstephaner Straße 4
85716 Unterschleissheim
T +49 89 51 50-1820
F +49 89 51 50-291820


Contact Persons

Thomas Geppelt
Head of Equity Capital Markets
T +49 69 13881 157

Sebastian Holl
Head of Corporate Brokerage
T +49 69 13881 177

Thomas Winter-Schieszl
Head of Special Execution
T +49 89 5150-1423