The initial public offering puts companies in the limelight.

An initial public offering attracts the attention of customers who may possibly have never been reached before and also of first-rate employees who would like to be part of the success story of a leading company as well as of the public whose interest creates broad publicity.

But above all, it gives companies access to equity capital, and later on, also to several rounds of financing through secondary offerings. This means that companies have the solid position they need to achieve their strategic goals even against the fiercest adversaries. The many benefits of a public offering can be grouped into three categories:

Financing effects
Organizational effects
Image effects

To maximize the advantages of a public offering, a company must select the right stock market:

The Vienna Stock Exchange!

DI Herbert Ortner, CEO, Palfinger AG

“The success story of Palfinger AG in the past few years is closely related to the initial public offering and would not have been possible without a listing on the Vienna Stock Exchange.”
Herbert Ortner, CEO, Palfinger AG

Robert Machtlinger, COO, FACC AG

“The initial public offering is a further milestone in the history of FACC.As part of the family of Austria’s ‘global players’, we are well positioned with a listing on the Vienna Stock Exchange.”
Robert Machtlinger, CEO, FACC AG

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Henriette Lininger