The adjustment factor plays a key role in the computation and maintenance of indices. Changes in the index capitalization resulting from changes in the index composition or from corporate actions by the individual index constituents must not influence the index value.The job of the adjustment factor is to balance out such variations and to keep the index on the same level before and after the operational adjustments. Internationally the divisor, which has the same function as the adjustment factor, is used more often. In the table below you can find the current adjustment factors and divisors for all indices.

Country Indices

Index Long NameIndex Short NameSymbolISINAdjustment FactorDivisor
Austrian Traded Index in EURATXATXAT00009999826.247238879615989748.353179
ATX Net Total Return in EURATX NTRNTAXAT0000A0JQ489.894547991610095638.292098
ATX Total Return in EURATX TRTAXAT0000A09FJ611.24932378448879802.866509
ATX Prime in EURATX PRIMEATPXAT000099992512.874048683235708190.255054
ATX five in EURATX FIVEATFAT00006346050.563680562317515277.473929
Wiener Börse Index in EURWBIWBIAT00009999901000000.093767870.28755

Sector Indices

Index Long NameIndex Short NameSymbolISINAdjustment FactorDivisor
Immobilien ATX in EURIATXIAXAT00008032260.465736451810426875.233997
ATX Basic Industries in EURATX BIABIAT0000A0QWT01.12053677955943283.352899
ATX Consumer Products & Services in EURATX CPSACPSAT0000A0QWU80.9747611831244244.965604
ATX Financials in EURATX FINAFINAT0000A0QWV60.724423757216438100.134734
ATX Industrial Goods & Services in EURATX IGSAIGSAT0000A0QWW41.32500805173337862.751105

Regional Indices

Index Long NameIndex Short NameSymbolISINAdjustment FactorDivisor
CECE Composite Index in EURCECE EURCXEAT00007264760.305750206346304619.536276
CECE Composite Index in USDCECE USDCEXAT00009996930.163174312946299050.06329
CECE Net Total Return in EURCECE NTR EURNTECAT0000A0JQ550.770698858531625776.3172
CECE Net Total Return in USDCECE NTR USDNTCXAT0000A0JQ630.765025709131859311.167446
CECE Total Return in EURCECE TR EURTECAT0000A09FK40.841051825828980318.405061
CECE Total Return in USDCECE TR USDTCXAT0000A09FL20.841127539928976809.058244
South-East Europe Traded Index in EURSETX EURSXEAT00005052760.71553305077353402.386467
SETX Net Total Return in EURSETX NTR EURSXNEAT0000A0X8W41.12871280944661595.40212
SETX Total Return in EURSETX TR EURSXTEAT0000A0X8U81.24631053614221742.728003
South-East Europe Traded Index in USDSETX USDSXXAT00005052840.71565094749975181.178247
CECE Extended Index in EURCECEXT EURCCEAT0000A00DT90.494605496483556740.441724
CECE Extended Index in USDCECEXT USDCCXAT0000A00DU70.4946708662113300691.34315
CECE Mid Cap Index in EURCECE MID EURMCEAT0000A07Q630.26445084596609972.241505
CECE Mid Cap Index in USDCECE MID USDMCXAT0000A07Q710.26438829288972902.04579
New Europe Blue Chip Index in EURNTX EURNTXAT00004964760.685250053892308308.341302

Country Indices

Index Long NameIndex Short NameSymbolISINAdjustment FactorDivisor
Czech Traded Index in EURCTX EURCTEAT00007264430.3670996569305839.844316
Czech Traded Index in USDCTX USDCTXAT00009996690.32290128689305839.86149
Czech Traded Index in CZKCTX CZKCTLAT00009996100.3229012865253230514.54612
Hungarian Traded Index in EURHTX EURHTEAT00007264353.19913775811028440.573938
Hungarian Traded Index in USDHTX USDHTXAT00009996511.65484337141028440.573557
Hungarian Traded Index in HUFHTX HUFHTLAT00009996281.6548433697158523830.17104
Polish Traded Index in EURPTX EURPTEAT00007264500.172609676335706948.282875
Polish Traded Index in USDPTX USDPTXAT00009996770.063352584535706948.368144
Polish Traded Index in PLNPTX PLNPTLAT00009996360.063352584497319287.92474
Romanian Traded Index in EURROTX EURROEAT00006004730.1240196512662867.329448
Romanian Traded Index in USDROTX USDROXAT00006004810.1240196512599910.791234
Romanian Traded Index in RONROTX RONRTLAT00006004650.12401965121880720.330473
Serbian Traded Index in EURSRX EURSREAT0000A02WW90.77774841291518343.93278
Serbian Traded Index in USDSRX USDSRXAT0000A03HA40.77774841291989033.064489
Serbian Traded Index in RSDSRX RSDSRLAT0000A02WV10.7777484129120117706.76447
Croatian Traded Index in EURCROX EURCREAT0000A02WU30.42716741092135974.581884
Croatian Traded Index in USDCROX USDCRUAT0000A03H920.42716741092906655.764298
Croatian Traded Index in HRKCROX HRKCRLAT0000A02WT50.427167410916361565.297234
Bulgarian Traded Index in EURBTX EURBTEAT0000A03HC00.0609368604277368.817166
Bulgarian Traded Index in USDBTX USDBTXAT0000A03HD80.0609368604376064.4699
Bulgarian Traded Index in BGNBTX BGNBTLAT0000A03HB20.0609368604542491.801054
Bosnian Traded Index in EURBATX EURBXEAT0000A0FSC71.0588373349278219.120615
Bosnian Traded Index in USDBATX USDBXXAT0000A0FSD51.0588373349392774.14658
Bosnian Traded Index in BAMBATX BAMBXLAT0000A0FSE31.0588373349544149.302672

Sector Indices

Index Long NameIndex Short NameSymbolISINAdjustment FactorDivisor
CECE Banking in EURCECE BNK EURBNKAT0000A02WR90.909585648228218001.270732
CECE Oil & Gas in EURCECE OIL EUROILAT0000A02WP31.157318395206832.638405
CECE Health Care in EURCECE HCA EURHCAAT0000A02WQ111.6643142541205792.522332
CECE Telecom in EURCECE TEL EURTELAT0000A02WS70.19489068939273121.885264
CECE Infrastructure in EURCECE INF EURINFAT0000A064590.088192840227037193.765087
CEE Real Estate Index in EURCERX EURCERAT0000A064260.2928532245100577.692412

Country Indices

Index Long NameIndex Short NameSymbolISINAdjustment FactorDivisor
Russian Traded Index in EURRTX EURRTEAT0000A09HK00.717398532861344598.174182
Russian Traded Index in USDRTX USDRTXAT00009996020.281983616189663700.230171
Russian Traded Index in RUBRTX RUBRTRAT0000A09HJ20.71739853282203890571.8449
Russian Traded Mid Cap Index in EURRTX MID EURMREAT0000A09HF00.1944993988603787.811457
Russian Traded Mid Cap Index in USDRTX MID USDMRXAT0000A09HG80.19449939811738423.143917
Russian Traded Mid Cap Index in RUBRTX MID RUBMRLAT0000A09HH60.194499398380232599.42466
Russian Depositary Index in EURRDX EURRDXAT00008020790.2526347913103964579.53857
Russian Depositary Index in USDRDX USDRDUAT00006340760.2526347912116461122.04379
RDX Net Total Return in EURRDX NTR EURNTRXAT0000A0JQ710.911427224978059520.551875
RDX Net Total Return in USDRDX NTR USDNTRUAT0000A0JQ890.911385559387417232.34918
RDX Total Return in EURRDX TR EURTRXAT0000A09FM00.969980843173347399.280839
RDX Total Return in USDRDX TR USDTRUAT0000A09FN80.969987049882135945.23086
RDX Extended in EURRDXXT EURRXEAT0000A03NN50.337460673648096968.865266
RDX Extended in USDRDXXT USDRXUAT0000A03NM70.337460673665212275.235972
Ukrainian Traded Index in EURUTX EURUTEAT0000A064001.42512599192162823.690721
Ukrainian Traded Index in USDUTX USDUTXAT0000A064181.42513317782854921.439502
Kazakh Traded Index in EURKTX EURKTXAT0000A05T212.30830488494182165.567757
Kazakh Traded Index in USDKTX USDKTUAT0000A05T132.30832205685520440.919943
Kazakhstan Traded Index Local in EURKTX LOCAL EURKTLEAT0000A0YEA22.29516436871623639.379472
Kazakhstan Traded Index Local in USDKTX LOCAL USDKTLUAT0000A0YEB02.29516436872107727.430392

Sector Indices

Index Long NameIndex Short NameSymbolISINAdjustment FactorDivisor
RTX Energy in EURRTX NRG EURRXNEAT0000A0CZ360.32910589853556436.963397
RTX Energy in USDRTX NRG USDRXNXAT0000A0CZ440.32910589854800488.493879
RTX Energy in RUBRTX NRG RUBRXNLAT0000A0CZ510.3291058985139958242.03904
RTX Mining & Metals in EURRTX MET EURRXMEAT0000A0CYX81.19282288855279632.539171
RTX Mining & Metals in USDRTX MET USDRXMXAT0000A0CYY61.19282288857126462.669535
RTX Mining & Metals in RUBRTX MET RUBRXMLAT0000A0CYZ31.1928228885207772019.13028
RTX Oil & Gas in EURRTX OIL EURRXOEAT0000A0CYU40.811284217938180794.875146
RTX Oil & Gas in USDRTX OIL USDRXOXAT0000A0CYV20.811284217951536542.998424
RTX Oil & Gas in RUBRTX OIL RUBRXOLAT0000A0CYW00.81128421791502547911.1191
RDX Mining & Metals in EURRDX MET EURRDMEAT0000A0FP761.81135911663529107.293979
RDX Mining & Metals in USDRDX MET USDRDMXAT0000A0FP841.81135911664923810.496559
RDX Oil & Gas in EURRDX OIL EURRDOEAT0000A0FP501.027655371832820670.231545
RDX Oil & Gas in USDRDX OIL USDRDOXAT0000A0FP681.027655371845791399.107051

Theme- & Style Indices

Index Long NameIndex Short NameSymbolISINAdjustment FactorDivisor
ATX Global Players in EURATX GPAXGPAT0000A107581.28334733712250380.362635
ATX Fundamental in EURATX FNDAFNDAT0000A0DRM31.070786924810242416.446106
ATX Dividend PointsATX DVPAXDAT0000A0NCU7--
ATX Top Dividend in EURATX TDADPRAT0000A0QX161.181341803412872304.67893
ATX Top Dividend Net Total Return in EURATX TD NTRADNRAT0000A0QX321.53695730859893958.367758
ATX Top Dividend Total Return in EURATX TD TRADTRAT0000A0QX241.65590630569183243.986628
Short ATX in EURSATXSATXAT0000A064340.00.0
Double Short ATX in EURSATX2SAX2AT0000A0U1M30.00.0
ATX NTR Leverage x2 in EURATX LV2NAX2AT0000A0U1N10.00.0
ATX NTR Leverage x4 in EURATX LV4NAX4AT0000A0U1P60.00.0
CECE Fundamental in EURCECE FND EURCFDEAT0000A0J8700.551326507247521186.67219
CECE Fundamental in USDCECE FND USDCFDUAT0000A0J8880.551551437547818497.997361
CECE Top Dividend in EURCECE TD EURCDPEAT0000A0QX401.651709932618108522.572285
CECE Top Dividend in USDCECE TD USDCDPUAT0000A0QX571.64889884326126518.925771
CECE Top Dividend Net Total Return in EURCECE TD NTR EURCDNEAT0000A0QX732.50338125411947851.151144
CECE Top Dividend Net Total Return in USDCECE TD NTR USDCDNUAT0000A0QX992.499352148517236461.398277
CECE Top Dividend Total Return in EURCECE TD TR EURCDTEAT0000A0QX652.804997388610663121.013558
CECE Top Dividend Total Return in USDCECE TD TR USDCDTUAT0000A0QX812.801079722515379778.905354
Short CECE in EURSCECE EURSCXEAT0000A064420.00.0
Double Short CECE in EURSCECE2 EURSCE2AT0000A0U1Q40.00.0
CECE NTR Leverage x2 in EURCECE LV2 EURNCE2AT0000A0U1R20.00.0
CECE NTR Leverage x4 in EURCECE LV4 EURNCE4AT0000A0U1S00.00.0
Double Short RDX in EURSRDX2 EURSRD2AT0000A0U1T80.00.0
RDX NTR Leverage x2 in EURRDX LV2 EURNRD2AT0000A0U1U60.00.0
RDX NTR Leverage x4 in EURRDX LV4 EURNRD4AT0000A0U1V40.00.0
ATX Distributing in EURATX DSTBATDBAT0000A0XMU56.247238879615989748.353179
ATX Top Dividend Distributing in EURATX TD DSTBADDBAT0000A0XMV31.181341803412872304.67893
CEE Responsible Investment Universe in EURCEERIUS EURRIUAT0000A0CFV11.45776019789795110.396897
VBV-Österreichischer Nachhaltigkeitsindex in EURVÖNIXVOXAT00004969061.849444516822702778.269879
ATX Prime Capped 8 in EURATX PC8AP8AT0000A1NL790.773944589528547306.581185
ATX Prime Capped 8 Total Return in EURATX PC8 TRTAP8AT0000A1NL871.061482494420814317.324936
ATX Prime Capped 8 Net Total Return in EURATX PC8 NTRNAP8AT0000A1NL950.986133298522404712.939836