Fact #1

More than 25 years ago, on 2 January 1991, the ATX was launched with 17 companies at 1,000 points.

Fact #4

The leverage effect of listed companies for the domestic economy is quite significant.

Fact #7

The Vienna Stock Exchange is by far and away the market leader with regard to trading in Austrian shares.

Fact #2

In the first half of this year, the ATX companies announced record dividends of over EUR 3.2 billion.

Fact #5

Studies show that the Austrian public's financial knowledge is limited and that this prevents many from becoming active investors.

Fact #8

Companies find the best possible conditions for attracting investors on their home markets.

Fact #3

Since 1 January 2016, the Austrian Income Tax Act has supported employee participation.

Fact #6

A job at an exchange-listed company creates 2.66 jobs in Austria's economy.

Fact #9

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