Step by step, the Austrian economy is reopening. Domestic companies are showing themselves to be strong and resilient. Numerous companies listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange are world market leaders in their industries. They have much to offer for national and international investors. The core strength of the country and its companies will not vanish due to the coronavirus:

  • At 3.14% of GDP, Austria has the second highest R&D ratio in Europe
  • High degree of digitalization and innovation
  • Access to the fastest growing region in Europe through investments and subsidiaries

Following up on the joint letter to investors, "Austria on Track" will highlight Austrian listed companies and their innovative projects and business strategies.

Austria on Track - Markus Huemer, CEO, POLYTEC HOLDING AG: Our costumers benefit from our know-how and our extraordinary technological diversity. We have been strengthening this market positioning for some time now, while at the same time we have optimized our cost structure and production capacities. As a result, we are well set up for the future.
Austria on Track - Bernd Spalt, CEO, Erste Group Bank AG: Businesses' future and the sustainability of the recovery depend on the availability of fresh capital, especially equity capital. That's why we at Erste want to foster a Europe with strong capital markets, which benefits both our corporate and retail clients.
Austria on Track - Anas Abuzaakouk, CEO, BAWAG Group AG: It goes without saying that our business will forever be changed by the events of the past few months. This is the future and the changes we have experienced will serve as a catalyst for accelerated changes across the Group.
Austria on Track - Günther Ofner, CFO, Flughafen Wien AG: An efficient international flight traffic hub is essential for Austria as a tourism and export nation. We safeguard international transport links, also during the coronavirus crisis. The airport has already taken the first steps to ensure growth following this challenging phase thanks to its new Office Park 4.
Austria on Track - Robert Machtlinger, CEO, FACC AG: Bringing previously outsourced processes in-house makes us even more agile, competitive and independent of external supply chains. This creates added value for our costumers and our employees.
Austria on Track - Dieter Siegel, CEO, Rosenbauer International AG: Like the fire brigades themselves, we have retained our full operational readiness throughout the Corona crisis. Until year-end we are going to launch a series of new innovations, which will make the work of emergency personnel even more efficient and more safe.
Austria on Track - Gerald Mayer, CEO, AMAG Austria Metall AG: The new research center marks an important milestone and is sending a clear signal to the market and costumers in many different industries. Research and development forms the basis for innovation and high-quality products, and is thus the foundation of our future success.
Austria on Track - Thomas Birtel, CEO, STRABAG SE: Infrastructure and other major public-sector projects remain on track despite the corona virus crisis. Our order pipeline is full - this gives us confidence for the current year.
Austria on Track - Ernst Vejdovszky, CEO, S IMMO AG: The residential markets were never impacted by the crisis significantly and the effects on the office segment have been moderate. The recovery will take a bit longer for hotels and in the retail segment, but overall we are looking ahead with a great deal of confidence.
Austria on Track - Thomas Arnoldner, CEO, Zumtobel Group: Our group-wise effective crisis management system enabled us to maintain all business units without interruption and to provide our costumers with a high level of product availability, delivery capability and accessibility to key contact persons.
Austria on Track - Andreas Gerstenmayer, CEO, AT&S AG: Increasing digitalisation, Big Data and Internet of Things are trends that will further be strengthened due to the Corona crisis. Consequentely, demand for new technologies in high-end printed circuit boards, IC substrates and modules will also grow.
Austria on Track - Thomas G. Winkler, CEO, UBM Development AG: A property developer can make money in boom phases and in a crisis. Our current objective is to manage the transition in the best possible way.
Austria on Track - Georg Pölzl, CEO, Österreichische Post AG: With shö, added value remains in Austria, employment is secured and online shoppers benefit from our reliable, fast and carbon neutral delivery service.
Austria on Track - Andreas Klauser, CEO, Palfinger AG: Production is restarting across many regions and also at our Austrian plants. The order books are currently filled and our company has recently won important tenders in India and Thailand.
Austria on Track - Heimo Scheuch, CEO, Wienerberger: We have smart, digital solutions in place and are able to react swiftly and flexibly to a changing environment.
Austria on Track - Stefan Szyszkowitz, CEO, EVN AG: Klimagerechte Energiezukunft ermöglichen und Versorgungssicherheit gewährleisten, das ist unser Anspruch. Deshalb investieren wir jährlich rund 400 Mio. Euro in Energie. Wasser. Leben."
Austria on Track - Johann Strobl, CEO, Raiffeisen Bank International AG: Raiffeisen Bank International is in solid shape and has a good capital base as well as a strong liquidity position. We are completely fulfilling our mission to finance the real economy in this health crisis.
Austria on Track - Wolfgang Anzengruber, CEO, VERBUND AG: In view of climate change, it is more important than ever to work towards a sustainable and resource-friendly post COVID-19 economy. We are contributing significantly to this by expanding renewable energies.
Austria on Track - Andreas Brandstetter, CEO, UNIQA Insurance Group AG: The Covid-19 crisis accelerates the expansion of digital services massively. We fulfill our customers' wish to be able to choose freely between digital self-service via app and web or personal consultation on-site.
Austria on Track - Andreas Quint, CEO, CA Immobilien Anlagen AG: As an operator of class A office premises in top locations, we see our strategy clearly confirmed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our strong balance sheet and access to liquidity have positioned us very well for the future.
Austria on Track - Peter Oswald, CEO, Mayr-Melnhof Karton AG: The Covid-19 breakout caused a significant order increase due to rising demand for consumer staples. Our global costumers benefit from a sustainable and sage packaging.
Austria on Track - Georg Kapsch, CEO, Kapsch TrafficCom AG: Climate change urges us to reconcile personal and societal interests. Our mobility solutions help to make road transport safe, reliable and efficient as well as protect the environment.
Austria on Track - Thomas Arnoldner, CEO, A1 Telekom Austria Group: Digitalization has become an even more essential part of business in the Covid-19 crisis and is vital for all industries. Through our infrastructure services, we are contributing decisively to restrengthening the economy.
Austria on Track - Elisabeth Stadler, CEO, Vienna Insurance Group: Based on our broad diversification across markets, products, distribution channels and brands we were able even during the Corona pandemic to address people's security and future provision needs in the best possible way.
Austria on Track - Karl-Heinz Strauss, CEO, PORR AG: We have a healthy order backlog at a record level. Our broad positioning is a major competitive advantage - especially in these challenging times.
Austria on Track - Johann Marihart, CEO, AGRANA Beteiligungs-AG: Since the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic, despite the difficult production environment and the high demand for our products, we have been able at any time to assure the sufficient supply of our costumers.
Austria on Track - Martin Füllenbach, CEO, Semperit AG Holding: With more than 60 million of our medical protective gloves we are able to contribute to a better management of the Corona crisis in Austria. We are proud of our employees, who are making this possible even in this difficult situation with tireless efforts.
Austria on Track - Stephan Doboczky, CEO, Lenzing: We bundle knowledge, network and experience with our partner Palmers into a hygiene competence centre. Our aim is to protect Austrian and European citizens in the best possible way with high quality, local products.
Austria on Track - Andreas Grassauer, CEO, Marinomed Biotech: The strong demand for products containing Carragelose was unforseeable in 2019. A global rethinking of dealing with viral infections of the respiratory tract is to be expected. With our technology platforms we are very well positioned for this.
Austria on Track - Norbert Haslacher, CEO, Frequentis: Frequentis is well prepared for the effects of the coronavirus pandemic with an all-time high in orders of almost EUR 400 mn, our sustainable business model even in times of crisis, and a highly committed team.